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12 February 2012 @ 03:27 pm
Midwinter Prompt #28: Cherries in the Snow (Thor)  
Title: Cherries in the Snow
Author: perletwo
Prompt: Midwinter #28, winter blossom
Fandom: Thor (2011 movie)
Characters & Pairings: Odin
Rating & Warnings: G, pre-movie
Word Count: 100
Summary: New life and possibilities bloom in even the most desolate places.

Asgard’s forces laid waste to Jotunheim. The end of their long bitter war loosed a bloodthirsty joy in the careworn warriors of Odin, and the Frost Giants bled for their glee.

While they ran riot, the Allfather strode into King Laufey’s stronghold. Odin secured the Cask of Ancient Winters, then went on to plunder.

Amid temple ruins he found a squalling infant, a tiny runt, abandoned. Its skin bore the markings of a Laufeyson.

Odin smiled. Here was treasure. His magicks warmed its skin, a glowing Aesir blossom in Jotunheim’s snows. He swaddled the mite and carried it away home.