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19 February 2012 @ 12:33 am
Midwinter, prompt 3 | Support [part 1/2] (Harry Potter)  
Title: Support [1/2]
Author: shimotsuki
Prompt: #3 | resolution
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters & Pairings: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hermione Granger
Rating & Warnings: PG | AU denial-fic
Word Count: 997 words
Summary: Remus is finding his place in the world after the war when a request from Kingsley threatens to shake everything up again.
Author's Note: This is a stand-alone piece, but it is part of the Warp and Weft AU ficverse, set soon after House and Home. Matthias is an OC werewolf who was first introduced in Kaleidoscope.


June 1998

Teddy woke, fussing.

Tonks dropped her quill and scooped him out of his basket, cuddling him for a minute, but he was hungry and let her know that in no uncertain terms. So she tucked him against her shoulder and carried him out to the kitchen, away from the dining room where three heads bent low over dusty books and piles of parchment.

She had just finished feeding Teddy when an unfamiliar, slightly pompous voice filled the kitchen. “Floo call for Mr. Remus Lupin from the Minister for Magic. Will Mr. Lupin take the call?”

“I’m his wife,” said Tonks. “Will I do?”

“Wotcher, Tonks.” Kingsley’s head appeared in the flames, smiling. “Is Remus there?”

“Wotcher!” She grinned back. “He’s here, buried in Wizengamot records.”

“All right if I come through and talk with him?”

Tonks blinked. Kingsley was much too busy these days for casual chats. “Of course.” She stood and shifted Teddy to one hip.

Kingsley emerged from the fireplace, brushing soot from his robes. “How’ve you been?”

“It’s—” She sighed, and smiled a little, leading him toward the dining room-turned-library. “It’s been really good, actually. I’m giving Harry and Ron some tutoring on Auror procedures.” And healing from the battle, and spending time with her husband and son and mother. “And I’m helping with the J.M.L.C. project as much as I can. On a strictly volunteer basis, of course.”


“Oh.” Tonks grinned again. “The Justice in Magical Legislation Committee. Hermione named it.” At least the budding activist had learned to stay away from pronounceable acronyms—it could easily have been the Werewolf Injustice Mitigation Program...

Remus, hearing voices, had left his seat at the table and come to meet them. “Hello, Kingsley! I’m glad to have a chance to introduce you at last—this is Matthias Malkin. Matthias, Kingsley Shacklebolt.”

“Minister,” said Matthias politely. He stood and shook hands courteously enough, but he looked wary. For all Remus’s assurances that Kingsley was sincere in commissioning their research project, Matthias had spent more than five years with Greyback’s pack and wasn’t completely ready to believe that the Ministry would ever do anything about discrimination.

“And—Hermione?” Kingsley raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I’m an intern! I’m on the project until I go back to Hogwarts in September.”

Remus grinned. “She just turned up one day and appointed herself—as a volunteer—but she’s been an enormous help, and Matthias and I are certainly not complaining.”

Hermione smiled brightly. “I want to study magical law and civil rights once I’ve taken my N.E.W.T.s, and this is a marvellous way to start learning about actual legislation.”

Kingsley snorted. “I suppose so.” Remus’s little group was tasked with nothing less than locating every single law that discriminated against non-human magical creatures, so that they could eventually be repealed and overturned. “I can’t even start paying Remus and Matthias for their work until the anti-werewolf employment legislation is repealed, and even then I won’t have very much of a budget for the project, considering everything else that needs to be done in the aftermath of the war. But as long as you’re volunteering, it’s good to have your help.”

“Did you want an interim report?” asked Remus. “We’re making good progress, but our notes aren’t necessarily in a very polished form at the moment—”

“I can see that it’s, erm, work in progress.” Kingsley eyed the haphazard stacks of parchment, covered in notes scribbled by four different people, and couldn’t quite suppress his smile. “Actually, I’m here for another reason.”

He took a seat at the table, and the others sat down as well, Tonks settling a now-sleeping Teddy back into his basket.

“As you know, a number of children were infected with lycanthropy during the war,” said Kingsley quietly.

Remus and Matthias both flinched. Greyback and his pack—or at least, those who hadn’t taken to Remus’s trick of chewing aconite leaves to suppress their appetite during transformations—had been the main source of new cases, especially among children.

“I want to start an education and support group, to help the children and their parents deal with their condition, and to make it easier to keep them supplied with Wolfsbane. I’m picturing a sort of monthly group meeting, maybe with some games and sweets to make it more fun for the children.” Kingsley looked Remus straight in the eye. “And I’d like you to run it.”

Tonks drew a breath. Remus would be perfect for this—he’d always been a natural teacher, and who better to help the children with their lycanthropy than someone who had been managing the condition for decades?

But Remus was shaking his head.

“I’m honoured that you would ask me, Kingsley,” he said, slowly. “But I have my own child to think of, now. Doing research behind the scenes is one thing, but if I were to become some sort of public face for werewolf activism, I might become a target. If I were on my own, that wouldn’t be such a problem. But I can’t expose Teddy to that kind of risk.”

Kingsley stared. He had plainly not expected this. “Will you think about it for a few days?” he asked, finally.

“I will,” said Remus, carefully, “but I don’t expect my answer to change.”

Tonks put her hand on his arm. “Teddy isn’t any more likely to be a target for crazy people, if you start helping werewolf children, than he already is just because I’m an Auror.”

Remus met her gaze; his eyes were troubled. “Even if the risk is minuscule,” he said, “it wouldn’t be right for me to put Teddy in any extra danger.”

Tonks thought he was making the wrong decision.

But it was, after all, his decision to make.

~ to be continued ~

[on to part 2]
gilpin25: Teddy & Remusgilpin25 on February 19th, 2012 07:07 pm (UTC)
How good to see life after the war, and what an ideal team at work on tracing every bit of Umbridge-type legislation. Of course Hermione would love to 'appoint herself' into this, lol, but it's also nice to see Matthias again after Landslide, and his understandable wariness towards Kingsley and authority.

Remus being unwilling to take chances with Teddy's safety is almost true to form, but he doesn't mention Tonks (I liked how she acknowledged it was his decision to make, so they both seem to be learning here), and seeing as he has first hand experience how crazy people can target small children for payback, he has a point. Though I trust he's going to think it over!

Also, W.I.M.P is such a classic, it deserves a project and story of its own. :D

ETA: So sorry for the edits: one was me, one was LJ getting its own back?!

Edited at 2012-02-19 07:11 pm (UTC)
shimotsuki: rtshimotsuki on February 19th, 2012 08:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I'm glad someone outside of my own head is willing to read stories set in this AUverse, lol.

Remus being unwilling to take chances with Teddy's safety is almost true to form, but he doesn't mention Tonks

*cough*Not enough words left*cough*. What I was thinking here is, Remus has finally come around to actually believing that Tonks married him of her own free will and is ready to face whatever that brings. Plus, he does her the credit of believing that she can take care of herself, being an Auror and all. But he still feels a bit like he's brought a child into the world with a werewolf father that the child didn't ask for.

Though I trust he's going to think it over!

Let's see what happens in Part 2. ;) If I ever finish all the grading that keeps piling up, and have time to work on it...

And, so glad you liked W.I.M.P. It took me longer than you might think to come up with a problematic acronym. ;)
gilpin25: Teddy & Remusgilpin25 on February 19th, 2012 11:15 pm (UTC)
*cough*Not enough words left*cough*.

*snorts* Well it worked! And Remus's thinking re Tonks sounds like huge progress since certain past events.

If only I could send you a wand for that grading... :(
sspring92: meta_morphicdsspring92 on February 20th, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
I have always wondered if the trio went back to Hogwarts to finish their final year. I'm glad you addressed that here!

I'm glad someone outside of my own head is willing to read stories set in this AUverse, lol. Count me in too!

PoA playe this weekend, and I of course, had to watch! My mother has had the closed captioning turned on the tv lately (even though she is NOT losing her hearing ;)) So I got to see some dialogue that was drowned out by music. When Snape fills in for Lupin and sets the Werewolf essay, he states that there are 3 ways to become a werewolf, Animagism, being bitten and being born to.....that trailed off into nothing. I need to check the book and see if that was part of the original dialogue. That would put a totally different spin on Remus being so concerned about Teddy's potential condition.
shimotsuki: hufflepuffshimotsuki on February 20th, 2012 04:54 am (UTC)
I didn't pay that much attention to all the JKR interviews after DH, but I think I remember hearing that she'd said Harry and Ron went right into the Aurors, but Hermione went back to Hogwarts. So I'm going with that -- it seems to fit all of their characters!

So glad you're still reading this AUverse. :)

That's interesting about the PoA movie. I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the books about a werewolf being born that way, and I don't think I saw anything about that in Fantastic Beasts either. But it would have made Remus's DH meltdown a little more understandable, I guess! And it certainly shows up in fanfic a lot, like in "Of Blood, Ice, and Fire" (by mercutio_rane on FFN -- now I'm wondering if you ever read that; it's AU after HBP but a fantastic read if you don't know it already).