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Multi-fandom daily drabble challenge.
The #1 rule of writing is to write a little bit every day. Sometimes it's hard to do that without being prompted. day_by_drabble hosts month-long drabblethons to provide a daily dose of inspiration.

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How does day_by_drabble work?
Very simply! We post a prompt (picture, poem stanza, quotation, song lyrics, single word), you write and post a drabble.

What's a drabble?
Technically, a fanfiction of exactly 100 words, but we're lenient about word counts here and will accept stories up to 1000 words.

What fandoms are allowed here?
day_by_drabble welcomes drabbles from all fandoms, no matter if you're one of thousands of members, or the first person to write for that fandom.

Does that include real person fandoms?
Actually, real person-based fandoms are the only fandoms we don't allow here. Sorry, but we consider it a privacy issue for the public figures involved.

What about slash fic?
We accept all pairings, het or slash, but we do require appropriate indications in drabble headers.

Am I required to write a drabble for every prompt?
Nope! Write as you feel inspired.

May I write more than one drabble per prompt?
We love your enthusiasm, but ask that you limit your entries to one per prompt. So make your work count!

Do I have to post a drabble on the day a prompt as is posted?
You may post any time after a prompt has been posted. A handy tagging system helps us keep all posts organized by prompt.

What if I miss several posting days but make them up? Can I post all my drabbles at once?
Once a prompt has been issued, you can write and post a drabble for that prompt on any day in the remainder of the Drabblethon, but we ask you ask that you limit posting to two drabbles per day.

I missed the start of the April Showers Drabblethon. Can I still participate?
Sure! Feel free to jump right in whenever you're inspired.

How do I post my drabble to day_by_drabble?
Only members are allowed to post entries to the community, so be sure you've joined first. Then, check out our posting format and tagging guidelines. These are very important to help readers find your stories.

I'm not a writer, but I'm addicted to fanfic. Can I still become a member of day_by_drabble?
Absolutely! Readers are valued members of the community, and there's nothing like reviews to encourage writers to keep writing.


By signing up at day_by_drabble, either as a member or a watcher, you are agreeing to abide by the rules laid down here. These rules exist to create and maintain the spirit of fun and friendliness that fosters a productive creative environment, and are also subject to change. In the instance of such, community members will be notified of updates and revisions. Specific rules for drabblethons will be posted at the time the event is announced.

1. Member Age
The community is open to anyone over the age of 16. All work posted here is rated, but not all will be age-appropriate. day_by_drabble maintainers trust that readers will not view material if they are under the suitable age, and take no responsibility for the content viewed by underage readers.

2. Language
While we accept submissions of all ratings, please keep language in comments civil and polite. Impolite, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate posts will be deleted at the moderators' discretion, and the poster will be warned. Persistent offenders will be banned.

If you are subjected to abuse, please, notify a mod.

3. Content
day_by_drabble accepts fics of all ratings. However, NC-17 submissions, particularly those involving underage characters, will be accepted entirely at the discretion of the moderators. Incestuous relationships may be allowed, if they are canon pairings, but they may be explored only within cerebral, and not explicit sexual, contexts at this community, and will be subject to mod approval. Under no circumstances will we accept bestiality, and other strong themes will be considered for appropriateness.

4. Plagiarism
Plagiarism is not tolerated at day_by_drabble. If we find that work posted here is not the work of the member, either taken from another fic writer or published author, the submission will be deleted from the community, and at the moderators' discretion, the member may be banned from the community.

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